What My Child Needs for School


TURN-IN LIST                                                                                                                         


1. Application


2. Immunization Card Copy File


3. Physical Check up Card


4. Field Trip / Activities Permission


5. Passport Copy File




1. A pair of indoor soft-soled shoes (no slippers)


2. 3 extra sets of clothing, i.e. underwear, socks, shirts, pants/shirts (marked with name)


3. Tooth brush, toothpaste and cup


4. Beddings (for returning students)


5. Family picture (with standing frame)


6. Sun hat, rain coat with hood, rain boots (no umbrella) - if you wish these items to be kept in the classroom, otherwise they are required on either sunny or rainy days.




1. Food / snacks, any food items (MSS is a MSG and peanut free campus)


2. Toys (please avoid toys with small pieces that may be a choking hazard, toys with sharp edges and oversized toys)


3. Valuable Personal belongings.