The Little Explorers (18 to 36 months old)

I Can Do It Myself


Program Description


Montessori School of Shanghai's Toddler classroom is designed to be a gentle transition from home to school. Through close cooperation between parents and teachers, the children are gradually able to separate from their parents without anxiety.


In a respectful and gentle way, Montessori School of Shanghai's teachers support the child's natural development, with the focus always on the encouragement of independence. Toddlers begin building the foundation for who they are to become. They are beginning to form their character, self esteem, purpose of life, social skills, and learning processes.


Activities are positioned around the room for toddlers to choose independently. The materials and activities help the toddlers begin to experience the concept of sequence, form, shape, movement, and sound. The activities change and evolve as the child grows physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Classroom Description


This is a community within itself. Here too, we divide the room into areas, to help focus the child’s attention and interests. There is still a place to rest; quietly and peacefully.


The personal care space continues to focus on personal hygiene. We work on independent dressing and undressing skills, and may introduce toileting.


The eating area expands, and now includes a place for the children to help with preparation of the food they will eat. This area is rich in language, sensory input and real experiences, with real tools, for a real purpose.


Our room now holds shelves with carefully chosen activities that will match the developmental stages of the child. Shelves are rich with materials to encourage language development, art, music, and manipulative play. Everything is designed to help the child refine skills that are based on real-life activities.

What's Next?


Transition to the Early Childhood program occurs in August.  Children entering the Early Childhood program must turn 3 before September 1.  The Early Childhood program offers fun and challenging activities for children to discover, experience and play in a multi-age (ages 3 to 6) classroom.


Each spring, a Transition meeting about moving from Toddler to Early Childhood is offered to parents whose children are enrolled in the Toddler program with the Head Of School. In August, the Early Childhood teachers meet with parents and share developmental benchmarks and ways to support their child’s next steps of independence.   To learn more about the Early Childhood program please contact your child’s teacher, the admission office or Head Of School.