Start small to protect your teeth


Children's caries appear frequently, which affects their healthy growth. In order to improve children's oral health, parents and children's awareness of "protecting teeth and starting from a young age" should be strengthened, and their ability of oral health care should be improved.


Therefore, in our daily life, we should take the following measures to prevent and treat caries:

1. First of all, pay attention to oral health and proper nutrition. Children need to develop good habits such as brushing their teeth in the morning and evening, gargling after meals, eating less sweets, and not eating snacks before going to bed. Do not eat too much too hard food to avoid tooth wear. At the age of 3, children can practice brushing their teeth and choose the toothbrush and toothpaste that are suitable for their age. Brushing method: brush the upper teeth from top to bottom; brush the lower teeth from bottom to top; brush every place five or six times; everyone praises the white teeth.

2. Check the children's teeth regularly. When the children's caries is found, they should be filled in time to prevent the caries cavity from becoming deeper and larger. Because children's caries is easy to be complicated with serious diseases, do not wait for permanent teeth replacement.

3. Take part in physical exercises regularly and check the mouth regularly. Regular oral examination is very important to prevent caries.

4. Usually, people should eat more calcium and inorganic salt rich foods, such as bone soup, fruits, vegetables, kelp, etc., and those who eat more rough processed and high fiber rough foods can keep their oral self-cleaning.

5. In case of tooth decay, please go to the hospital for treatment in time without delay.

Teeth are an important part of our body. We should take good care of them when we are young, consciously develop good oral hygiene habits and healthy eating habits, and prevent the invasion of germs. Teeth are also a major sign of health and beauty.

Beautiful teeth, brilliant life.