Prevention of hand foot mouth disease


Speaking of HFMD, we believe that those who have children at home should have heard about the trend that the incidence of HFMD has been increasing year by year in recent years, and HFMD is commonly found in infants and young children. HFMD is infectious to some extent, and it is easy to cause some other complications. Therefore, we should do the following prevention work in time:

1. Wash hands frequently, do a good job in environmental sanitation, food hygiene and personal hygiene, and ensure that diseases enter the customs from the mouth.

2. Hand, foot and mouth disease often occurs in infant gathering places. Therefore, nurseries, schools and other units should do a good job in morning examination, find suspected patients in time, and isolate them for treatment in time.

3. The contaminated daily necessities, tableware, toys, bedding and toilets should be disinfected in time. Clothes, bedding, toys and towels should be exposed to the sun to keep the room ventilated.

4. The main measure to prevent HFMD is to deal with the excrement of patients and cut off the transmission way.

5. During the epidemic period, parents should try their best to keep children away from crowded public places and reduce the chance of being infected. We should also pay attention to children's nutrition and rest, avoid sun exposure, prevent excessive fatigue and reduce the body's resistance.

6. Check whether the child's skin (mainly palm of hand, palm of foot) and mouth are abnormal every morning during epidemic period, and pay attention to the change of the child's temperature.