09 26 2017

Don't Miss The 'Sing A Peace Song' Video For MSS Four Campuses!


Don't miss the 'Sing A Peace Song' Videos for MSS Four Campuses!

Wednesday September 21st is International Peace Day!

Children from across the planet came together to sing for

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09 05 2017

Welcome to 2017-2018 Academic Year

The beginning of the school year is the continuation of a journey that our children began at birth.  This journey is one that focuses all of their energy and is the purpose of all their work.  The children move, observe, listen, and explore to discover themselves.  This journey doesn’t have a

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09 04 2017

Trinity Montessori Education Center Program Achieved Full Accreditation by MACTE

Trinity Montessori Education Center(TMEC) brought the great news that its Infant & Toddler program achieved full accreditation by MACTE formally with validation until 2024.  This is another big accomplishment achieved by TMEC after it was accredited for the Early Childhood program by MACTE in 2016. 

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