08 14 2020

Meet Campus Leadership Team



It is our pleasure, as passionate Montessori educators, to lead this thriving community of children, teachers and parents.  


At Montessori School of Shanghai

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08 13 2020

Graduation at MSS!

As of August 2020, more than 1,600 MSS graduates have continued their studies around the world to develop their interests and capacities in all aspects. There are over 150 graduates this year who are moving up for their next stage of education.

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06 12 2020

First an MSS parent then an adult learner, today a Montessori teacher

By Joe (Jing Kids)


As a devoted mother, we are driven to protect our children. What does it mean to protect, nurture and guide this gift of life we hold so dear to our hearts?  Jeanine, a Singaporean, is neither a Tiger mom

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