Parents As Partners



Your involvement in your child’s education is important. The more you know about what we are doing, the more you can support the Montessori process at home. Most children come to us when they are very young and we provide them multiple years with the same community of teachers and families to aid them as they develop close relationships. These relationships strengthen the child’s ability and the entire educational experience. Montessori School of Shanghai is a place where parents and teachers to work together to serve the best interests of the child. Mutual respect and our mutual educational goals is the basis of the strong, supportive relationship between the school and parent.


Parent Education


Parent Education series are offered throughout the school year.  They are opportunities to learn about the Montessori method of education, parenting incorporating the Montessori Style, and child development.  Learning is a life long process so all invited to come and learn with us. Questions can be answered and perceptions explored. 




MSS is unique because we offer guided observations of our classrooms.  Parents are invited to observe their child's class and talk with faculty about what they are seeing. Through the years we've found that observation has been beneficial to parents and visitors in obtaining a better understanding of the Montessori philosophy and our programs. Parents are also welcome to visit their child's class to share their special interests, talents, and occupational skills with the children.


Parent – Teacher Conferences


Communication between parents and the Faculty is of primary importance at MSS.  Once each semester a parent-teacher conference is scheduled.  Specific conference periods are set-aside during each Fall and Spring semester.  Conference dates are indicated on the school calendar.  Conferences serve to keep everyone informed as to the child's progress at school and at home, and we encourage both parents to attend.