Our Faculty



Montessori School of Shanghai is led by an impressive administration. Our administration is hands on and makes getting to know the parents and children of MSS a top priority. In addition the administrative team conducts regular classroom observations, lead weekly faculty meetings, and provide a series of hands-on training for the teachers.


Our Montessori Teachers


Montessori School of Shanghai hires Montessori teachers who are fully credentialed and hold a Montessori diploma that will be recognized anywhere in the world.   Our commitment to authentic bilingual Montessori education begins with the teacher.  Every candidate is interviewed by our Campus Director to ensure they have extensive knowledge of both Montessori and early childhood development. 


Each classroom team is lead by a certified English speaking Montessori teacher, qualified Chinese curriculum teachers, assistants, specialist teachers, and support staff round out the teaching team at MSS.    Our Montessori teachers implement the true Montessori curriculum utilizing the full range of specialized materials and inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Our Chinese Teachers


The Montessori School of Shanghai has designed a Chinese curriculum based on Montessori principles of education. Our Chinese Teachers bring a unique combination of Montessori and the teaching of Chinese that has never been done!


Our Chinese teachers bring a special understanding of how children learn and an enormous amount of patience as they implement this comprehensive curriculum.  Our teachers guide the children as they systematically learn to recognize and write Chinese characters.  We have purposefully designed this Chinese curriculum to joyfully expand and enhance your children’s interest in Chinese and are committed to the children learning as much as they can while they are with us.

Our Logistics Staff


Montessori School of Shanghai has many dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to keep the school running smoothly. Our school doctor greets the students each morning, the chef and his assistants prepare nutritious snacks and lunch, and the security team keeps our campus safe and sound.  Human Resources, Finance officers, Technology specialists, and maintenance staff are behind the scenes to make certain the school is functioning in top form.  A team of cleaners regularly monitors the classrooms, gathering spaces and playgrounds to maintain a clean, healthy school environment.  You may not see these faces daily, but they are here and make Montessori School of Shanghai a place where teachers are well supported and can do what they do best… teach!