Notes on infant winter health care


Winter is the season with respiratory tract disease frequent reasonable dress, increase and decrease at any time.Some parents dress the infant too much, the child has a little activity, sweat to underwear wet, and children will not say that need to change underwear, can only rely on their own body temperature to wet clothes warm and dry, so every day, easy to catch a cold, adverse to health.


• wear a mask when going out to avoid catching cold.Cover the bedding at night, parents check, children boarding bedding in time to cover, so as not to catch a cold.Otherwise, regular meeting causes other serious disease occurrence, be like pneumonia, myocarditis, lobar sex pneumonia, acute nephritis.

• pay attention to keep good environmental conditions in the dormitory for children, and keep indoor air circulation, especially for children living in closed doors and Windows for a long time, with heating and air conditioning environment, air circulation is not conducive to children's health.In an air-conditioned environment, indoor humidity should be adjusted as appropriate.

• winter weather is cold, children need energy and heat increase accordingly, so add some high energy, hot food.Such as meat, fish, poultry, dairy, beans and so on.In addition also should pay attention to supplement jujube, red beans and other spleen and blood tonic food.

• ensure children's water consumption in winter.Water is an essential component of human metabolism.Children's metabolism is exuberant, water demand is big, every lesson after class should organize children to drink water, individual specific constitution of children should increase the number of drinking water according to the situation

• children should also take moderate exercise and exercise in winter.Exercise can increase the constitution of children, enhance their immunity, to resist the erosion of pathogens on the body.