Mumps prevention education in April

Mumps prevention education

Mumps is an acute respiratory infection caused by the mumps virus.The mumps virus enters the body in droplets through the nose and mouth.Mumps is a condition in which the earlobes on one or both sides are swollen and painful.Have fever, headache, vomiting and other symptoms.

Prevention of mumps

1, do not go to crowded closed places, avoid contact with patients.

2. Once in contact with the patient, fever, parotid gland enlargement and other symptoms should be closely observed within 21 days.

3. Mumps vaccine is the best method of prevention.

4. Mumps is divided into viral and bacterial.Viral is contagious.After suffering from can obtain lasting immunity, generally not easy to relapse.Bacterial mumps can recur many times.

5. Children with relevant symptoms should go to medical institutions for treatment in time.



Awareness of scarlet fever prevention

Scarlet fever is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by group A hemolytic streptococcus infection.Bacteria are transmitted mainly by droplets through the respiratory tract.Its clinical feature is fever, pharynx is painful for early symptom, more serious person can have headache, vomiting, subsequently have glossal mastoid swelling, at the same time hind cervical reach below jaw lymph node intumescent, tenderness, have rash to appear about 24 hours after coming on, whole body but gules chestnut appearance rash.The disease occurs all year round.

Prevention of scarlet fever

1. Children should keep their hands clean and wash their hands properly. Cover their nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, and clean secretions properly.

2. During the epidemic, children should avoid crowded places as far as possible.

3. Parents should do a good job in cleaning and disinfecting the family environment and children's appliances, and maintain indoor ventilation.

4. Children with relevant symptoms should go to medical institutions for treatment in time.