MSS Traditions



A Year at Montessori School of Shanghai


Every Day at the Montessori School of Shanghai is special! During the year we also schedule exciting campus traditions that help children enjoy and understand the Celebrations of Life.  These events strengthen our school community. Some of them give parents the opportunity to meet other parents and play together. 




Hello Visits


Each child is invited to come to school for a short visit before the school year begins.  This gives the teacher and child a chance to get to know each other.  During the visit the child will tour the classroom and learn what to expect on the first day of school. It is also a time for parents to get the bedding their child will be using for napping which is to be washed and returned to school before the first day of school.


Parent Orientation


Children aren’t the only ones who need an introduction and an opportunity to learn what to expect at school!  MSS parents are invited to attend an orientation where they can meet the faculty and spend time learning about their child’s new “home away from home”.


Family Day


This weekend event is a time for the whole family to visit the school, play, and share a potluck meal. Special activities, music, food and fun make Family Day special for everyone.


United Nations Day


On United Nations Day, children are invited to wear international clothing and celebrate Peace and Diversity.  A school-wide parade and in-class activities give the children a chance to appreciate all the cultures of the world.


Sports Day


Sports Day gets everybody moving!  Our PE teacher organizes an array of activities and events that provide physical challenges, promote sportsmanship, and bring fun and laughter to the campus.




Winter Festival     


Each class prepares a special presentation to share in our annual Winter Festival.  Music, dance, and poetry dazzle and amaze MSS families and friends!


Chinese New Year                  


Parents and teachers work together to plan traditional experiences for our children during the Chinese New Year.  Tea Ceremonies, cooking projects, red envelopes, craft projects, and music are some of the typical festivities that lead up to our Chinese New Year break.


Valentines Day     


Children make and exchange valentines, learn songs, and share the meaning of friendship on this special day of love.





Spring Egg Hunt    


Each class decorates  eggs and has a special egg hunt on the school playground.  Children create baskets to carry eggs and enjoy a variety of traditional spring songs and crafts.


Earth Day                


Reduce, reuse, recycle is the name of the game on Earth Day.  Teacher plant seeds and teach children ways they can help to take care of our precious planet.  Recycled art projects such as newspaper printing and recycled robot creation make being green fun!


Community Day

Towards the end of the academic year, we get together for a party for all of us at MSS. Children, parents and friends join all the MSS staff and teachers for a festival to celebrate a wonderful year together. Clowns, balloons, great food and many friends make the event a wonderful year of year event.


Children’s Day                         


A special event is planned for our children in honor of Children’s Day.  Teachers have fun creating a day to delight and dazzle our wonderful young minds!


Mother’s Day


Mother’s are the first educator of the child.  We take the opportunity to honor all mothers on Mother’s Day. Children love inviting their mother to school to share this special day. Children prepare a beautiful gift and a delicious treat to give to their mother!


Father’s Day


Father’s Day is celebrated each year at our schools.  Every child loves to invite their dad to school and to show them all the amazing works they are able to do in the classroom.  This is a special opportunity to see your child in their daily setting.  We believe time spent together with your child is valuable; sharing what your child does each day is priceless!




It’s ” Pomp and Circumstance” as we gather to honor our graduating students in a special ceremony involving children, teachers, and parents.




Summer Camp        


Don't forget to sign up for summer fun at MSS!  Each summer there are sessions of creative, interactive summer programming available for MSS students.  Don’t miss out on the summer fun!