Mission, Vision & Promise





We are committed to creating a partnership with parents to gently assist children to become the people they are meant to be and prepare them to enter the third millennium.


We will do this in a manner that does not produce fear, but rather a sense of excitement and hope for the future.


Our environments celebrate the joy of being a child, full of creative and enchanting experiences.





Through Montessori education we open the hearts, minds, and spirits of each and every child in our school 




To provide an atmosphere of love and belonging, with opportunities for children, to become his or her best self.



Our Partners

We believe that parents are our partners. We connect with and empower the lives of parents through workshops with teachers, administrators, and consultants. Our parents are often international citizens with a big view of the world and the future.

Our Children

The children come from all over the world. They are daily gifts that you bring to us. We appreciate them and encourage them to develop into the children you would like to bring home again at the end of the day…and keep with you forever!

Our Neighbor

Montessori schools can be found all around the world. Our Montessori curriculum is universal so moving from one Montessori school to another, or one country to another, is comfortable and easy.