Meet Campus Academic Director



As the Campus Academic Director at the Montessori School of Shanghai, we are pleased to welcome you!


At Montessori School of Shanghai we provide an exceptional educational environment for the children. The Montessori approach to learning in its most authentic understanding is the framework of own educational program.


We commit to apply the words, wisdom and practical advice of Maria Montessori’s philosophy as the lens through which we select, design, and evaluate our program and curriculum using beautiful Montessori materials and applying the Montessori method, children are guided through the spiral curriculum, and through their daily experiences they develop a love of learning that stays with them throughout life!   Montessori has a long tradition of teaching children to be respectful and kind. We encourage their curiosity and support their independence. The children in MSS come from many different cultures and countries! What they share in common is the process of self-development.  We are happy to be able to share in that process. Here they take the first steps to becoming global citizens. 


We form partnerships with our parents. We know that children do best when parents and school work together.  Having a vibrant school community provides a place for families to feel connected.



Warm regards,


Olena Naumenko, Xuhui Campus Director

Jacqui Costigan, West Hongqiao Campus Academic Director

Jasmine Williams, Jiading Campus Academic Director

Shirani Senanayake, Minhang Campus Academic Director