Knowledge on influenza prevention

January is winter now, the weather is changeable, the temperature difference is bigger, it is the respiratory tract infectious disease such as influenza high incidence season.Influenza virus mainly through the patient and the latent infection, influenza is mainly through the air droplets direct transmission, but also through the virus contaminated goods through the hand indirect transmission.People are generally susceptible to influenza and have certain immunity after the disease. The immunity to influenza of the same type can be maintained for a long time. There is also cross-immunity between the variants of the same subtype, but the duration of maintenance is not long.Because influenza virus produces mutation ceaselessly, reason can cause infection to come on repeatedly.Influenza can occur all year round, winter and spring season more.


(a) source of infection: mainly patients and latent infection.Patients from the end of incubation to the onset of the virus within 5 days after the discharge from nasal mucus, saliva, sputum and other secretions, infection period of about 1 week, with the disease at the beginning of the 2 ~ 3 days the most infectious.


(2) incubation period: 1-3 days, the shortest several hours, the longest 4 days.


(3) transmission route: the virus is mainly transmitted by droplets caused by coughing, sneezing and talking, and indirect transmission through tea sets, eating utensils and towels contaminated by the virus is also possible.


Therefore, isolation of patients is an effective way to reduce transmission. The isolation period is 1 week.During the epidemic to as little as possible to public places, indoor attention to ventilation.In public places, 1% bleach or 3% peroxyacetic acid can be sprayed, or fumigated with vinegar.The patient's product can be exposed to the sun for 2 hours or sterilized by boiling.Influenza can be prevented by vaccination. It is especially suitable for the aged, the young, the infirm and the medical staff.