This is the Preparation for Life (6 years old and above)

Learning How to Think


When Montessori discussed freedom, she invariably mentioned its relationship to responsibility and self discipline.


In the Junior program in MSS the children work independently in a safe and calm environment.  We ensure that transition from Early Childhood occurs smoothly and gradually with children introduced to the core subjects relevant for their stage of development.


An important part of the Junior program is for children to develop a work ethic with allowances for free choice. 


Students participate in a sustained three hour period of learning. In this time the children work predominately in individual and small group self-selected and teacher-negotiated activities. A large emphasis is placed on developing early literacy and numeracy skills. The Montessori Curriculum provides an excellent hands-on structured program for children to develop their core learning.


The morning work period also allows them to move between different types of activities. This provides for the children who need to vary the kind of work in which they are engaged, thus catering for their individual needs for physical movement, development of attention span and motor skills.

The children are encouraged to develop their time management skills from this early age. They are encouraged to maintain a record of the work they have completed while the class teacher also ensures accurate records are kept.


Afternoons focus on group activities including time for developing relaxation skills, language experiences such as Show & Tell and visiting the library, and also Physical Education, Art, Music and Cultural Lessons.