Jiading Campus Opening on January 26, 2015!


The staff of MSS-Jiading is pleased to welcome our first students and families to campus on January 26, 2015. Located in the beautiful Jiading district, our new campus measures 85,000 in square meters and will serve children from 18 months to age 6. Jiading has fifteen classrooms, a dance studio, ceramics studio, indoor gymnasium and features the new state-of-the-art Pure Air commercial quality, portable air filter system with a true, cerified HEPA filter. In addition, the campus is home to a massive expanse of natural play space and peaceful gardening grounds. The team specifically designed the environment to emphasize the care of the earth and to reflect the natural beauty embodied in the five elements of the earth in Chinese wisdom: wood, water, metal, fire, and earth. Great emphasis was placed on the design of the campus to be “a natural environment, which serves the natural development of children.” Welcome to each child and family who will join our MSS community!