How to prevent norovirus

How to prevent norovirus

Because norovirus is a disease transmitted through the fecal and oral channels, can be quickly spread through contaminated water, food, articles, etc., it is very important to develop good personal hygiene habits, good food and environmental hygiene!

● pay special attention to personal hygiene habits, such as washing hands frequently, especially before eating, cooking, after going to the toilet, be sure to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

● children's toys, stationery and daily necessities should pay attention to cleaning and handling.

● open Windows for ventilation, do more outdoor activities, try not to go to public places.

● use a handkerchief or clean tissue when sneezing, do not wipe directly with your hands.

● ensure children's sleep, rest well, improve the body resistance.

Knowledge of norovirus prevention

What is a norovirus?

Norovirus (Norovirus), also known as pyoviruses, is one of the viruses that cause non - bacterial acute gastroenteritis.You could write it as NV.The most common symptoms of norovirus infection are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, or fever and headache.Vomiting and nausea are more common in children, diarrhea is more common in adults, and vomiting is rare.Course of disease is 2-3 days commonly, this disease is a kind of self-limited disease, after recovering, do not have sequela.

Infectious norovirus diarrhea is endemic worldwide and can occur throughout the year, mainly in adults and school-age children, with a high incidence during cold seasons.The virus is widely distributed in the world. Data show that the detection rate of norovirus is about 15% in children under 5 years old with diarrhea in China. The survey of serum antibody level shows that norovirus infection is also very common in Chinese people.