How to prevent influenza in children

1. The place where the children are should be ventilated through Windows to maintain indoor air circulation.Since influenza is mainly transmitted by airborne droplets through the respiratory tract, disinfection experts point out that ventilation is the best and most effective form of disinfection.


2. Do not go to places where people gather during the peak period of influenza. If you must travel, you need to wear a mask and pay attention to personal hygiene.When taking the vehicle, open the window as far as possible, can make inside the air circulation, prevent the virus in the air spread.


Keep warm and don't get cold.It is recommended to wear a mask when going out to protect against wind and cold.


4, the use of Chinese medicine panlan root, guanzhong, daqing leaf, honeysuckle 15 grams of water to take (even take 3 -- 5 days, half the dosage of children), have a good preventive effect.


5. Parents urge children to strengthen physical exercise and improve anti-virus ability.


6, at the same time to develop children good diet and hygiene habits, ensure adequate sleep (9-10 hours), pay attention to reasonable nutrition (eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water), in order to increase resistance and immunity.