Home care for chickenpox

Varicella was mainly characterized by fever, skin and mucous membrane in batches of red macular papules, herpes, scab rash, the rash was centripetal distribution, mainly occurred in the chest, abdomen, back, few limbs.


Home care


1. Pay attention to disinfection and cleaning

For clothes, bedding, towels, dressings, toys and tableware that contact with varicella herpes solution, wash, dry, scald, boil and burn disinfection respectively according to the situation, and do not share with healthy people.At the same time, change clothes frequently and keep skin clean.


2. Open Windows regularly

Air circulation can also kill viruses in the air, but be careful to prevent patients from getting cold when ventilating the room.Keep the room as sunny as possible and open the Windows.


3. The fever

If have a fever, had better be with ice pillow, towel, drink water to wait for physics to reduce fever method more.Let sick children rest, eat a nutritious and digestible diet, and drink plenty of boiled water and fruit juice.


4. Notice changes

Pay attention to the changes of the condition. If the rash continues to cause high fever, cough or asthma, or vomiting, headache, restlessness or drowsiness, the convulsion should be sent to the hospital immediately.


5. Avoid using your hands to break herpes

In particular, pay attention not to scratch the face of acne, so as to avoid herpes sores will be caught and cause suppurative infection, if the lesion injury is deep, scar may be left.To prevent this, keep your child's nails short and hands clean.