Graduation at MSS!


Special memories were made as we sent our graduates off with good wishes for the next stage of their educational journey. 


As of August 2020, more than 1,600 MSS graduates have continued their studies around the world to develop their interests and capacities in all aspects. There are over 150 graduates this year who are moving up for their next stage of education.

This is a moment in time when parents are particularly excited because they witness their child entering into a new stage of their life.

Graduation is special for all teachers, they carefully prepared a ceremony that will reflect their pride in their students. They remember their student's school days fondly, reminisce about field trips, birthday celebrations, and educational breakthroughs. Now the teachers are ready, they are confident that their students have all the skills they need for the new journey ahead.

Graduation is also an opportunity for MSS to reflect, which is especially important in light of the 2020 pandemic. 

As a pioneer of Montessori education in China for 16 years, we are constantly thinking about how we can help children to face challenges in the future.

Experience &Exploration

Recently, Professor C. Otto Scharmer, of MIT and founder of the U-shaped theory, expressed his views on education, we are happy to share that they are in keeping with Montessori Education. 

Professor Otto states that the future is full of uncertainties and that the knowledge and experience of people often lags behind what it should. Therefore, children need to reserve their knowledge and learn to use spiritual education and practical thinking to face challenges in the future.

At MSS, we follow the Montessori curriculum including Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, and Culture, we emphasize hands-on work and real-life experiences. 

We help each child to have a full understanding of their world, not limited to concepts but rather encouraged by concrete exploration. We provide children with opportunities to transform ideas into visual results, and to solve problems, so they can accumulate these valuable experiences.

Discipline and freedom are very important for children's development. It is essential to recognize that freedom and discipline are two inseparable aspects of the same thing.  

In the classrooms of MSS, parents often observe children working with the same activity for a long time. This is in part because children do not get tired of their chosen work, but rather it strengthens their learning. We know that we must cultivate discipline based on freedom.

As educators who understand children, the teachers at MSS support and encourage children to explore and discover the world around them through their actions.


In terms of spiritual knowledge, Professor Otto attaches great importance in "listening to nature and relaxing thinking". At MSS, it is not difficult to find teachers guiding children to establish and strengthen their connection to nature through daily lessons and activities. 


Each MSS campus boosts large beautiful outdoor environment for children to enjoy daily. These natural learning environments at MSS encourages every student to appreciate the changes of the seasons and to record the characteristics and needs of nature at each stage. Children can observe and participate in the wonder of nature and gradually become ambassadors who can understand the natural world.

At the same time, teachers care for the children’s social and emotional development. They guide children to understand and deal with emotions concerning their social interactions. This ability to learn empathy and compassion also helps young children acquire early spiritual knowledge.

Positive Energy Cycle

Finally, the professor stressed the "positive energy cycle" to let children develop with their interests and enthusiasm. Families familiar with MSS also know that Montessori respects children's personalities, and allows them to make their own choices, instead of forcing them to follow the will and authority of adults. 


Our teachers believe that this kind of motivation keeps children's love of learning alive.

Montessori Education 

We are honored to adhere to genuine Montessori Education by working with like-minded parents that hold the same beliefs to help children prepare for their future so they can grow up to be global citizens of the world.


The child is both a hope and promise for mankind. ——Maria Montessori