Children’s Day is for everyone at MSS!


MSS has prepared rich activities to celebrate the arrival of children’s day.


Xuhui Campus invited acrobatic performances to perform “ Happy Chef”, the performers  presented their acrobatic stunts with special kitchen tools, like flying spoons and swirling several plates at the same time. This brought lots of fun and laughter to the children.


West Hongqiao Campus West invited iSchool of Music and Art from New York to connect music interactive performances with children. ISchool helped children to believe that true learning comes through connection with music, art or anything you seek to better yourself.

Some classes invited parents to come to the classroom to cook cookies and work with their children, and invited parents and children to have circle time together. The children are the owners of the classroom and have a special Children's Day  with their parents.

The parents of Jiading Campus once again planned a huge surprise for the children to let them meet their favorite carton characters.

The teachers in Minhang Campus with SHUYI Special Fund held a “Love & Sharing” Family Day Charity Event to cultivate the sharing morality of children and to encourage children to make handicrafts, which made contributions to public charity activities with positive and optimistic social attitude.