Campus Name Change


After careful review, a decision was made to update our original Qingpu campus name to West Hongqiao Campus (WHQ). This change becomes effective immediately. Parents and professional staff applicants have told us the "Qingpu Campus" name hindered them from applying because they assumed the school was located in Qingpu town. Some missed the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an authentic Montessori education because of this misunderstanding.


We feel it is necessary to rename the school based on its geographical location—it is West Hongqiao Area and at the junction of the two districts between Minhang and Qingpu. The West Hongqiao Area is 5-minute driving distance from the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center and 10-minute drive from the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao International Airport. Hongqiao Area is regarded as a new major economic growth driver. By the end of 2020, it is anticipated there will be a minimum of 650,000 employees in the Hongqiao Area.


To accommodate the professionals from both home and abroad, the area has planned superior residential communities to include high-end residential, schools, hospitals, Food and Beverage and entertainment.


MSS West Hongqiao Campus will be catering to these families and we want to be in the forefront of consideration as the Montessori school of choice.


Our West Hongqiao campus will continue to promote our authentic Montessori programs and encourage parents to visit the campus and see children enjoying a rich academic curriculum in their beautifully designed classrooms that encourage discovery and collaboration.



Montessori School of Shanghai