• Community Day - Rainbow

    Dear Parents,
    We will hold the Family Day on June 5th(Sunday) at school.
    Our theme is rainbow.All member of your family dress according to your color.
    Our charity sale also be held on community day. You can perpare 102 pieces of toys or books to charity if you are interested in it.

  • What are the most important elements Montessori education can offer my child?


    What exactly is Montessori is?

    Time: Wednesday, April 13th


    Location:  Jiading Campus

    Please join us for an important evening in your child's classroom as we discuss the essential important elements of Montessori education and why this time in your child's development is best served by Montessori principles.

  • Grandparents' Day

    Dear Parents&Grandparents,

    Grandparents are warmly invited to visit the classroom on Friday, April 8th from 9:30-11:00 am.


    Please come to share this special time with your grandchild.