• Having the Child You Want: A Short Recipe

    Workshops presented by Judy Townsend

    “Having the Child You Want: A Short Recipe”


    Come join Judy Townsend on a journey of discovery into childhood and along the way realize your child’s potential. What part do you have in this journey? What part do the schools you choose have in this? Areas we will look at include expectations, testing, and development of your child’s character.


    One of the out comes of the workshop will be that you will learn more about yourself and your spouse in an informal and confidential way. You will be among parents who are also learners. In the workshop you may find new friends who share your values and aspirations.


    Please feel free to bring a friend. The friend does not need to be a parent at MSS. Make sure you register so we know who is coming.


    Date: April 22 2014  Tuesday

    Time: 9:30am-11:00am

    Place: MSS Xu Hui Campus

    Especially for all the parents

  • Community Day

    As spring arrives we invite you to come together to celebrate our MSS Community. We hope you will join us! The clowns are coming and the outside bouncing castle will be available for the children, along with many other fun activities. Come out and enjoy the beautiful MSS playground and socialize with the MSS community.


    Date: May 24 2014  Saturday

    Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm

    Venue: MSS Xu Hui Campus